TOM-3VHG Variable Speed Head

Manual Vertical Knee Milling Machine

Unlock machining versatility with our Vertical Milling Machine, equipped with Variable Speed Head Technology, a robust 3HP motor, and precision features like Meehanite castings and Turcite-B coating for exceptional stability and durability.

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    Offering customized specifications for specific machining needs


    Variable Speed Head Technology

    Incorporating cutting-edge Variable Speed Head technology, allowing flexible control over machining operations with adaptable speed settings.

    Spacious Table

    Featuring an expansive 50" x 10" table, the machine provides a generous workspace for diverse machining tasks, accommodating various workpieces.

    Powerful Motor

    Driven by a robust 3HP motor, the machine ensures reliable and efficient performance, making it well-suited for a wide spectrum of machining applications.

    Meehanite Castings

    Constructed with precision Meehanite castings, the machine guarantees exceptional stability and durability, forming a sturdy foundation for precise machining operations.

    Hardened and Ground Ways

    The cross slide way and table undergo meticulous hardening and grinding processes, enhancing wear resistance and ensuring a smooth and precise machining experience.

    Quill with Chrome Hardening

    The quill undergoes chrome hardening and grinding, ensuring durability and precision, particularly in various drilling operations.

    High-Precision Spindle Bearings

    Equipped with high-precision 7207 CP4 spindle bearings, the machine ensures smooth and accurate rotation, contributing to superior machining results.

    Turcite-B Coating

    The cross and longitudinal ways are coated with Turcite-B, extending their lifespan and minimizing friction for seamless movement.


    Model TOM-3VHG

    Spindle taper
    R8 (NST30)
    Spindle Speeds
    60-4200 RPM (Variable)
    Quill diameter
    Ø85.725 mm (3.37")
    Quill travel
    127 mm (5")
    Quill feeds
    0.04 mm (0.0015")
    0.08 mm (0.0030")
    0.15 mm (0.0060")
    Head tilt
    45° Forward & Back
    90° Right & Left
    Spindle motor

    Table size
    1270 x 254 mm (50" x 10")
    Longitudinal travel (X)
    914 mm (36")
    Cross travel (Y)
    406 mm (12")
    Vertical trave (Z)
    406 mm (16")
    T-solt (width x trough number x pitch)
    16 mm x 3 x 65 mm

    Ram travel
     610 mm (24")
    Machine weight
    1280 Kg (2816 Lb)
    Machine dimension (L x W x H)
    1750 x 1700 x 2200 mm
    Packing dimension
    1500 x 1650 x 1980 mm

    *Note:The machine specifications,dimensions and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.

    Standard Accessories

    • One shot lubrication
    • Draw bar
    • Tools & tool box
    • Operation manual

    Optional Accessories

    • Clamping kit set
    • 6" angle vise
    • Horizontal and vertical rotary table
    • Power feed (X, Y, Z-axis)
    • R8 collet set
    • NST #30 arbor & collet
    • NST #40 arbor & collet
    • Work lamp
    • Y-axies square way (3HG, 3VHG)
    • Collant system
    • Chip pan
    • Right angle attachment
    • Electric control box and panel
    • Powered table elevation
    • Ball screw (X, Y-axis)
    • Digital readout system

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