CNC Vertical Alloy Wheel Diamond Lathe

This alloy wheel lathe can repair damage wheel surfaces by cutting and polishing. It is fast to operate and quick to learn.

Introducing our innovation for the wheel industry, the CNC Vertical Alloy Wheel Lathe - a cutting-edge solution for refining and reconditioning both damaged and new wheels. Its easy-to-learn, fast-operating, and quick-finishing features make it a valuable addition to the wheel repair/new wheel industry.

Versatile Applications

Suitable for repairing damage on wheel surfaces or refining new wheels.

Efficiently performs tasks such as ET offset milling, CB hole enlargement for hub rings, and PCD bolt hole pattern adjustments.

Sturdy Material Structure

Crafted with Meehanite integrated and annealed casting.

Reinforced rib design for anti-deformation and stress relief ensures long-term reliability.

Alloy Wheel Lathe Machine Functionality

Specifically designed for alloy wheels, providing a mirror-like finish.

Utilizes a rotating chuck and a special cutting blade to recondition wheel surfaces.

Modern CNC Technology

Available in two sizes for different wheel dimensions and stability.

Equipped with CNC for precise control over the cutting process.

Client Satisfaction

Successfully sold over 800+ units in North America, Europe, and Asia in recent years.

Recognized for excellence in the wheel repair/new wheel industry, gaining client satisfaction.

In summary, our Vertical Alloy Wheel CNC Lathe Machine combines advanced technology, durability, and versatility, making it an ideal choice for professionals in the wheel repair industry. With a track record of client satisfaction through numerous sales in North America,  Europe, and Asia, our CNC Alloy Wheel Machine stands out as a reliable and efficient solution for wheel refurbishment and refining.

CNC Vertical Alloy Wheel Diamond Lathe
CNC Vertical Alloy Wheel Diamond Lathe