SK Series

Double Column Machining Center

Thermal Stability: Box type design effectively resists thermal displacement and bending deformation, ensuring stable machining performance even under challenging conditions.

Enhanced Column Spacing: Extra wide distance between columns provides increased stability and support for precision machining tasks.

Expanded Machining Capacity: The extra wide span between box ways on each column and the movable crossrail significantly boosts machining capacity, allowing for versatile and efficient operations.

The box type design greatly resist thermal displacemtnt and bending deformation.

The Extra Wide Distance Between Columns.

The extra wide span between box way on each columns and moveable crossrail increase machining capacity.

    This combination does not exist.

    Offering customized specifications for specific machining needs


    Ladder Type Linear Ways On Beam
    • The ladder types Linear Way and extra wide boy way on beam provide greater rigidity and stability.
    • The extra wide distance het ween columns to allow large work pieces.
    Double V Slide Way For X-axis
    • The base is double V type slide way combine with scientific rib reinforcement casting.
    •  The greater span between double V type slide way on X axis provides solid support for table heavy loads.
    Duo Hydraulic Counter
    •  The duo hydraulic counter balance for W axis to ensure smooth movement.
    Automatic Tool Changer


    Model SK-2200
    Working length
    3000~6000 mm
    3000~8000 mm
    4000~10000 mm
    4000~12000 mm
    Working width
    2100 mm
    2600 mm
    3100 mm
    3600 mm
    Crossrail height
    1200 mm
    1500 mm
    1700 mm
    2000 mm
    Spindle feeding
    1000 mm
    1000 mm
    1000 mm
    1000 mm
    Distance between columns
    2200 mm
    2700 mm3200 mm
    3700 mm
    Spindle's speed
    60~4500 RPM (高低檔)
    Spindle's power
    Continuous 18.5 kW, 30 minutes: 22 kW
    24 / 32 / 40 tools
    CNC control

    *Note: Special specifications can be made separately

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