Bed Mill

Heavy cutting ability and affordable price

Best choice for high efficiency, high speed cutting and precision machining

  • High quality, high efficiency and super stability
  • Solid, stable with high capacity meet your requirement
  • High rigidity and high accuracy upgrade the efficiency of heavy cutting



  • High quality and rigidity Meehanite casting with enforce rib construction design. Also with annealed and stress relieved for long term reliability.
  • High grade Turcite-B fitted to XYZ slide way. Heavy duty box way provides maximum rigidity and stability.
  • Installation Z axis counter balance system to ensure Z axis movement stability and accuracy.
  • Large saddle size has high loading and stability to show the efficiency of large workpiece and heavy cutting.


  • Armless 16 ATC is only available for H model.
  • Auto centralized lubrication system gives proper pressure of oil feeding and discharge.
  • 100% laser tested for positioning accuracy and repeatability.
  • 100% ball bar tested to ensure machining accuracy.


  • C5 double nut precision ball screws hardened and ground for high accuracy and long lasting.
  • P4 angular contact spindle bearing limits the temperature variations even for long period of high speed cutting.

Bed milling machines, a type of vertical mill, can be the type of machinery that many experienced machine shops will want to have in their shops. Very similar in construction compared to a vertical mill, bed type milling machines are also equipped with a bed that can move in the left and right positions (X and Y-axis). However, because the bed is mounted on a base instead of a knee, the bed cannot be moved up and down. Instead, the spindle of a bed mill can move up and down (Z-axis). This enables the CNC bed mill to provide a full 3-axis range of movement on a workpiece.

Bed mills and vertical mills are very similar in concept, but their uses are different. Due to how the bed milling machines are constructed from the base to the table, they are generally more rigid compared to a knee mill. And from this rigid base, bed-type milling machines are often the preferred choice when projects have larger and heavy workpieces.


Travel X/Y/Z:28.74"/15.74"/19.68"
Spindle Motor: 2.2 kW (3HP)



Travel X/Y/Z:28.74"/15.74"/19.68"
Spindle Motor: 3.7 kW (5HP)


A2-5T / A3-5T

Travel X/Y/Z:33.8"/19.6"/24"
Spindle Motor: 3.7 kW (5HP)


A2-5H / A2-7H / A2-10H

Travel X/Y/Z:33.8"/19.6"/25.1"
Spindle Motor: 5.5 kW (7.5HP)



Travel X/Y/Z:39.9"/19.9"/19.6"
Spindle Motor: 10HP



X / Y / Z:7.8" / 7.8" / 21"
Capable of drilling wheels up to 27"


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