TOM-2VSG Variable Speed Head

Manual Vertical Knee Milling Machine

Experience precision and versatility with our Vertical Milling Machine, featuring Variable Speed Head Technology, a spacious 42" x 9" table, and robust 3HP motor for efficient and reliable machining across diverse applications. Crafted with Meehanite castings, hardened and ground ways, and high-precision spindle bearings, it ensures stability and durability, while Turcite-B coating minimizes friction for seamless movement.

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    Offering customized specifications for specific machining needs


    Variable Speed Head Technology

    The machine incorporates a Variable Speed Head, providing flexibility and control over the machining operations with adaptable speed settings.

    Spacious Table 

    With a substantial 42" x 9" table, the machine offers a generous workspace for diverse machining tasks, accommodating various workpieces.

    Powerful Motor

    Driven by a robust 3HP motor, the machine ensures reliable and efficient performance, suitable for a wide spectrum of machining applications.

    Meehanite Castings

    Constructed with Meehanite castings, the machine guarantees exceptional stability and durability, establishing a solid foundation for precise machining operations.

    Hardened and Ground Ways

    Both the cross slide way and table undergo hardening and grinding processes, enhancing wear resistance and facilitating smooth and precise machining.

    Quill with Chrome Hardening

    The quill undergoes chrome hardening and grinding, ensuring durability and precision during various drilling operations.

    High-Precision Spindle Bearings

    Featuring high-precision 7207 CP4 spindle bearings, the machine ensures smooth and accurate rotation, contributing to superior machining results.

    Turcite-B Coating

    The cross and longitudinal ways are coated with Turcite-B, prolonging their lifespan and minimizing friction for seamless movement.


    Model TOM-2VSG

    Spindle taper
    R8 (NST30)
    Spindle Speeds
    60-4200 RPM (Variable)
    Quill diameter
    Ø85.725 mm (3.37")
    Quill travel
    127 mm (5")
    Quill feeds
    0.04 mm (0.0015")
    0.08 mm (0.0030")
    0.15 mm (0.0060")
    Head tilt
    45° Forward & Back
    90° Right & Left
    Spindle motor

    Table size
    1067 x 230 mm (42" x 9") Standard
    1244 x 230 mm (49" x 9") Optional
    Longitudinal travel (X)
    762 mm (30")
    914 mm (36")
    Cross travel (Y)
    305 mm (12")
    Vertical trave (Z)
    406 mm (16")
    T-solt (width x trough number x pitch)
    16 mm x 3 x 64 mm

    Ram travel
    305 mm (12")
    Machine weight
    1000 Kg (2200 Lb)
    Machine dimension (L x W x H)
    1600 x 1450 x 2100 mm
    Packing dimension
    1450 x 1450 x 1900 mm

    *Note:The machine specifications,dimensions and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.

    Standard Accessories

    • One shot lubrication
    • Draw bar
    • Tools & tool box
    • Operation manual

    Optional Accessories

    • Clamping kit set
    • 6" angle vise
    • Horizontal and vertical rotary table
    • Power feed (X, Y, Z-axis)
    • R8 collet set
    • NST #30 arbor & collet
    • NST #40 arbor & collet
    • Work lamp
    • Collant system
    • Chip pan
    • Right angle attachment
    • Electric control box and panel
    • Powered table elevation
    • Ball screw (X, Y-axis)
    • Digital readout system

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