GP Series

Double Column Grinding Machine

Massive and Rigid Construction: The GP series double column surface grinding machine by Top-One is meticulously designed with a massive and rigid construction, ensuring exceptional precision in grinding extra-large workpieces.

Versatile Grinding Heads: Standard equipment includes a horizontal grinding head, with an optional vertical wheel head available upon request, providing versatility in machining options.

High Precision Z-Axis Downfeed: The machine features a high precision Z-axis downfeed capable of reaching 2 µm, meeting the most stringent requirements for high accuracy grinding.

With a massive and rigid construction, the GP series double column surface grinding machine from Top-One is designed and built for precision grinding for extra-large work pieces. This series of machine is equipped with a horizontal grinding head as standard equipment, and a vertical wheel head is available upon request. High precision Z-axis downfeed can reach 2 µm, which will fully meet high accuracy grinding requirements.

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    Offering customized specifications for specific machining needs


    Crossrail Movable Type
    • The ruggedly constructed beam provides a solid support for the horizontal and vertical grinding heads, resulting in outstanding stability during grinding operations.
    • The grinding head movement (Y-axis) is individually driven by a servo motor and transmitted through a precision ball screw for high positioning accuracy. 


    Standard Accessories

    • Grindstone calibrate base
    • Diamond cutting knife
    • Magnetic base
    • Grinding wheel balancing correction table
    • Horizontal grinding wheel(510(OD)x203.2(ID)x65(T) mm)
    • 8" Flange(Including stone reject)
    • Electrical control box with heat exchange coolant
    • Hydraulic circulating cooler
    • Paper tape filter(Including filter paper and water tank)
    • AVR
    • Tool box

    Optional Accessories

    •  Vertical grinding head
    • Grinding wheel
    • Increase spindle speed
    • Increase the power of spindle motor
    • Auto. rotating for vertical grinding head(incl. servo driver & hydraulic brake)
    • Spare vertical grinding stone flange
    • Spare horizontal grinding stone flange

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