CNC Bed Mill

Combines extensive travel capabilities, a robust 10HP spindle motor, versatile spindle taper and speed, precision guide ways, high-accuracy ball screws, superior main frame construction, and a sturdy box ways design, ensuring powerful, precise, and reliable machining performance.

    This combination does not exist.

    Offering customized specifications for specific machining needs


    Travel Dimensions

    Extensive travel capability with dimensions of 39.9" in the X-axis, 19.9" in the Y-axis, and 19.6" in the Z-axis.

    Spindle Power

    Driven by a robust 10HP motor, ensuring powerful performance.

    Spindle Taper and Speed

    Features CAT40/BT40 spindle taper, with a spindle speed of 8,000 rpm, providing versatility for various machining applications.

    Precision Guide Way

    Meticulously crafted, the guide way is both hardened and ground, complemented by Turcite-B coating for enhanced durability.

    Precision Ball Screws

    Equipped with double nut precision ball screws, ensuring high accuracy and prolonged operational life.

    Main Frame Construction

    The main frame is constructed from FC30 Meehanite casting, known for its superior dampening qualities. The casting undergoes annealing and stress relief processes for long-term reliability.

    Box Ways Design

    The Y and Z axes feature a box ways design, ensuring maximum rigidity and stability during machining operations. The X-axis incorporates a dovetail way for added precision.


    Model A3-5/7/10H
    Spindle motor
    5HP / 7.5HP / 10HP
    13" x 60"
    X axis Travel
    Y axis Travel
    Z axis Travel
    Spindle taper
    Quill diameter
    Quill travel
    Spindle rpm (Lo)
    8000 RPM
    Spindle rpm (Hi)
    8000 RPM
    Table load capacity
    1100 Lb
    T-solt (W x N)
    0.62" x 3 x 2.55"
    Spindle nose to table top
    3.93" ~ 29.13"
    Saddle size
    Machine weight
    4600 Lb

    *Note:The machine specifications,dimensions and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.

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