CNC Internal Grinder

TIG- 150 CNC internal grinder

  • Guaranteed highest precision and stability.
  • Equipped with oil mist systems.
  • Fully enclosed sheet metal equipment.
  • Additional magnetic filter system for cooling system pre-filtration.
  • Fully automatic grinding cycle, wheel dressing cycle program.
  • X-axis and Z-axis adopt high-precision pre-tension ball screw.
    • Machine Base: Main structure is high rigidity to ensure stable positioning accuracy and repeatability of the machine.
    • Wheel Spindle: The machine is mainly used for grinding tube and shaft inner diameter processing.
    • Workhead: Grinding spindle adopts constant torque high frequency electric spindle, constant linear velocity (Vc) grinding function, dressing device is installed on the workhead frame, seat is equipped with two-way single-point diamond pen holder.
    • Program: Easy-to-learn Mars system conversational programming.


Model TIG- 150
Grinding capacity
ID Grinding Range Ø4~Ø200mm
Max. Grinding Depth 150mm
Max. Swing to Dresser Ø200mm
Swing of Chick Cover Ø260mm
Chuck Type 6"
Max. Loading 30kg
Spindle Speed 10~1000rpm
Swiveling Angle C.W. 15°~ C.CW. 5°
Servo Motor 1.2kw
Spindle bore Ø52mm
Max. Travel 200mm
Rapid Feeding Rate 10m/min
Min. Increment Infeed 0.001mm
Servo Motor 1.2kw
Max. Travel 400mm
Min. Travel 100mm
Rapid Feeding Rate 10m/min
Min. Increment Infeed 0.001mm
Servo Motor 1.2kw
ID Wheelhead
Max Spindle Speed 8000~30000rpm
Spindle Motor 90mm
Servo Motor 2 (2P) / 3 (2P)(OPT.)HP
Machine Weight/Size
Net Weight 3200kg
L x W x H 2300 x 2200 x 2000mm

*Note:The machine specifications,dimensions and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.

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