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Head tilts & Swivels of CNC Knee Type Vertical Milling Machines by TOP-ONE Machinery Co., Ltd.
Head tilts & Swivels

The milling head can be tilted 45° forwards and backward, swivelled 90° right and left.

16 Spindle Speeds Available (optional) from TOP-ONE Knee Milling Machine
16 Spindle Speeds Available (optional)

When required, 16 spindle speed can be provided.

TOP-ONE CNC Knee Mills provides infinitely variable feed rates by The high performance power feed unit.
Power Feed Unit (optional)

The high performance power feed unit provides infinitely variable feed rates. The feed rate can be adjusted with the power on or off.

TOP-ONE's CNC Knee Type Vertical Milling Machines rigorous accuracy inspection.
Rigorous Accuracy Inspection

Each machine is subject to rigorous inspection to ensure an accurate machining result.

What is a Vertical Milling Machine?

Vertical milling machines are the most common type of machinery found in machine shops and garages. The CNC vertical milling machines are equipped with a bed that can move in the left and right position (X and Y-axis), the bed is mounted on a knee that can move up and down, as well as a vertical spindle in a fixed position that holds a wide range of cutting tools in order to perform operations such as cutting and drilling on a workpiece. Vertical mills can be operated manually, with computer numerical control (CNC), or a combination of both. The popularity of a vertical mill comes from its low cost compared to other machinery, ease of operation, and production versatility.

Vertical mill machines are used to create simple or complex parts from a flat or irregular workpiece of many types of materials. The CNC vertical mill is equipped with a selection of tools to carve, cut, and drill into a workpiece in order to create precise shapes, threads, holes, and even finished parts. These produced parts are then used in many industrial applications & prototypes within the automotive, aerospace, metalworking, manufacturing, and many more.

Vertical mills can be further divided into two vertical milling machine types: knee mills and bed mills. Each functions differently from the others, and each offers unique advantages.

Below are our Vertical Knee Milling Machines sometimes referred to as knee mills, Bridgeport-type milling machines, turret milling machines, knee-and-column milling machines, variable-speed vertical milling machines.

Knee mills are highly favored in machine shops due to their widespread usage. They are characterized by a fixed spindle configuration, providing stability and reliability during operations. These mills excel in vertical knee movement along the Z-axis, enabling precise adjustments, while the table seamlessly moves along the longitudinal X-axis and Y-axis for enhanced versatility.

Furthermore, modern advancements have led to the development of CNC knee mills, which offer a remarkable combination of traditional design and advanced control capabilities. These mills are available in both stand-alone and benchtop models, catering to different workspace requirements. With their variable-speed design, CNC knee mills empower operators to tailor machining operations to their specific needs, accommodating a wide range of applications. Get in touch with TOP-ONE for all your CNC Knee Type Vertical Milling Machines needs in machining solution. Contact our experienced team of professionals for any inquiries you may have.

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