CNC ID/OD Grinding Machine

TOP-ONE Machinery is a renowned company that has dedicated its efforts to the development and construction of high-precision CNC grinding machines. Our expertise lies in providing top-notch ID OD grinding machines for the production and regrinding of cutting tools and production parts. We have achieved great success worldwide, collaborating with tool manufacturers in various industries including automotive, aerospace, textile, medical technology, defense, and more.

Our CNC grinder machines and ID OD grinders are advanced machine tools that utilize a rotating grinding wheel to effectively remove material from metallic workpieces through cutting. These machines are primarily utilized for the intricate and precise machining of workpieces, capable of handling even the most complex part geometries such as crankshafts, camshafts, valves, ball bearings, and transmission shafts. TOP-ONE Machinery CNC grinder machines are meticulously customized, equipped, and programmed to cater to the utmost demanding needs of the end user. Get details right now.

What Are The Advantages of TOP-ONE Machinery's ID/OD Grinder or High-Precision Manufacturing?


    The versatility of ID/OD CNC grinders allows for the shaping of a wide variety of materials, including hardened steel, ceramics, and even composites. Additionally, it can be employed to repair defective parts and restore them to the desired roundness. This adaptability makes ID/OD grinding an excellent choice for numerous applications, ranging from automotive components to aerospace parts. Furthermore, ID/OD grinding can achieve a diverse range of surface finishes, from rough to mirror-like, as required.


    The ID/OD process enables the grinding of metal parts to extremely specific dimensions, resulting in a level of accuracy that is challenging to achieve through alternative methods. Moreover, this process facilitates the identification of an object's true center, enabling the creation of perfectly circular shapes. This feature holds particular significance in industries like automotive, medical, and aerospace, where precise dimensions are of utmost importance.


    ID/OD grinders can be used to produce parts with complex geometries, such as intricate internal structures and hollow spaces. Its ability to use custom-designed grinding wheels allows it to shape parts to very precise specifications. It can produce parts with features such as grooves and tapers, that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with other metal finishing techniques.


    In comparison to other metal finishing techniques like turning or milling, ID/OD grinding machine excels in its ability to remove materials at a significantly faster rate. Consequently, parts can be manufactured more efficiently and with reduced waste, leading to lower manufacturing costs.

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