Double Column Grinding Machine

Precise ! Stable ! Heavy Duty !

This and More can be Found on the TOP-ONE Grinding Machine

  • Superior surface finish
  • High flatness accuracy
  • Supreme dimensional accuracy
  • The best rigidity and stability


Massive Base

  • The base is a one-piece fabrication from high quality Meehanite cast iron, tempered to relieve internal stress for eliminating thermo deformation.
  • Two extra-long, wide and deep vee slideways on the base provide outstanding load-resisting capabilities. The double V slideway surfaces are precision scrapped in combination with forced lubrication, ensuring smooth table feed.
  • V & Flat (Standard)

    Upon customer's requirement, V and Flat slideways on the base is available.

Double V Slideways (Optional)

Rigid Table

  • The box-type table is a one-piece fabrication made from Meehanite cast iron, and tempered to relieve stress.
  • The table slideways are coated with Turcite-B for outstanding wear-resistance.
  • Extra-large span between slideways provides an increase in rigidity. In addition, the table is capable of resisting heavy loads without deformation.

X-axis Driven By Hydraulic Cylinder

  • The table feed (X-axis) is driven by a double-acting hydraulic cylinder.
  • The cylinder stroke speed can be adjusted on the control panel.
  • The hydraulic system has a buffering function, which may suppress serious impact at both ends of the cylinder stroke, This function provides a protection for the cylinder while extending its service life.

Hanged Control Box

  • The hanged control box can be moved to any position. This excellent accessibility makes it easy for the operator to check during grinding test and idling.
  • The hanged control box is equipped with a counter-balance weight to facilitate control box movement.

Table Is Self-finished By The Machine

When assembling the table on the machine, our technicians use the machine to finish the table surface. The self-finishing of the table ensures better geometric accuracy.

GP Series

With massive and rigid construction, the GP series double column surface grinding machine from TopOne is design and built for precision grinding for extra large work pieces. the serie is equipped with a horizontal grinding fead as standard equipment, and a vertical wheel head is available upon request.


GL Series

This machine is excellent for precision grinding on extra large workpieces that also require highly efficient operations. These series are ruggedly constructed with precise performance. In addition, its crossrail movable type design ensures the wheel heads to achieves the highest stability to upgrade the overall grinding quality.


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