Alloy Wheel Lathe

Use for Damage wheel surfaces or New Wheels

Easy to learn, fast to operate, and quick to finish!

  • New innovation for the Wheel industry
  • Vertical Wheel lathe for cutting and polishing
  • Wheel Mill for ET offset, CB hole enlarge for hub ring, and PCD bolt hole pattern


Sturdy Material Structure

Meehanite integrated & annealed casting with reinforced rib, anti-deformation, and stress relief for long-term reliability

Alloy wheel lathes are a type of machinery that refines and reconditions the surface and profile of used wheels in order to make them appear like new again. This process of reconditioning is made possible via a rotating chuck that locks down the wheel and a special cutting blade that shaves away the wheel surface as it spins. Modern wheel lathes usually come in two sizes (to accommodate different-sized wheels and for stability) and are all equipped with CNC. The availability of cnc alloy wheel lathe makes the process a lot easier and faster, as the operator has the ability to control the speed of the spin as well as the depth of the cut.

As stated, alloy wheel lathes are primarily used for repairing wheel surfaces of various sizes within the automotive industry. These types of wheels are mainly from passenger vehicles, but they can also be used in commercial transportation vehicles if the proper conditions are met.


Capable of Cutting Wheels from 14” to 30”



Capable of Cutting Wheels from 14" to 23"


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