Vertical Machining Center - Linear Ways Series

Perfect Structural Design

Gives You Better Quality Cutting At High Speed

  • Greater span between slideways
  • Heavy duty linear ways
  • Straightness inspection during assembly
  • Quality assurance



Massive Base
The heavy base is a box type construction in combination with a greater span between slideways. This results in outstanding stability and machining accuracy.

Greater Span Between Slideways
Specially designed greater span between slideways ensures load distribution is uniform, guaranteeing machining accuracy.


Heavy Duty Linear Ways
The three axes are equipped with heavy duty linear ways, which are preloaded to minimize thermal deformation and remain firmly supported at both ends. This helps to optimize moving rigidity and maintains consistent accuracy.

Straightness Inspection During Assembly
During installations of the linear ways, their horizontal and vertical straightness is inspected for dependable geometric accuracy.

Cutting Test Examples

Workpiece 3D Curvic Surfaces
Workpiece material Aluminum
Spindle speeds 1,500-14,000 rpm
Feed rates 400-3,000
Total machining time 4 h, 52 min

Cutting Test Examples

Workpiece 3D Curvic Surfaces
Workpiece material Aluminum
Spindle speeds 7,000-30,000 rpm
Feed rates 3,000-4,000
Total machining time 4 h, 27 min

Cutting Test Examples

Workpiece Mold
Workpiece material Aluminum
Spindle speeds 10,000-30,000 rpm
Feed rates 1,000-6,000
Total machining time 2 h, 7 min

Cutting Test Examples

Workpiece Valve Body
Workpiece material Aluminum
Spindle speeds 7,000-17,000 rpm
Feed rates 2,500-3,500
Total machining time 2 h, 48 min

What is a Linear Way Vertical Machining Center?

The linear way series is often associated with light-duty cutting. The vertical linear way machine provides high-speed cutting and higher precision when compared to the box way series. The high RPM and smaller cutting tools allow very fast cycle time. Linear way series are the choice for machinists who requires less accurate machining and for those who often deal with lighter materials, smaller workpieces, and in exchange receives faster-cutting speed and cycle rate.


X / Y / Z: 560 / 400 / 400 mm



X / Y / Z: 800 / 500 / 550 mm



X / Y / Z: 1100 / 520 / 560 mm


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