Vertical Machining Center - Box Ways Series

Rugged Construction for Heavy Cutting

All major structural parts are manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron, stress relieved for maximum stability, and a lifetime free of deformation.

  • High quality structural material
  • Greater span between slideways
  • Waer resistant box ways
  • Precision ball screws
  • Box way on base
  • Anti-bump device



Rib reinforcement to increase rigidity

The box type constructed column is scientifially rib reinforced to achieve the best rigidity.

Oversized column

The column is specially designed with an extra large bottom for greater stability.

Massive base

The heavy base is a box type construction in combination with a greater span between slideways. This results in outstanding stability and machining accuracy.

Optimim structure through FEA analysis

To achieve the best rigidity, stability and dampening capacity of the machine, TopOne engineers also utilize FEA software to analyze all structural parts. Each machine must exhibit minimum deformation and vibration, ensuring lifetime accuracy.

Rear Chip Flushing Nozzles

The flushing nozzles provided at the rear side of the base flush away metal chips during machining for efficient removal.

Laser Inspection On Three Axes

Each machine is inspected using an advanced laser unit for calibration. The laser unit is applied for inspecting and calibrating the screw pitch error, backlash, positioning accuracy and repeatability. The precision inspection may ensure the dynamic and static ability of the machine and its machining accuracy.

Ball Bar Testing

After assembly, each machine is tested by using the latest ball bar testing equipment. With ball bar testing, we can calibrate circularity and the machine's geometrical accuracy.

Circular cutting tests are allso performed to ensure the 3D cutting accuracy and the circular smoothness.

Dynamic Balance Calibration

All spindle motors and spindles are subject to dynamic balance calibration before assembly. With the dynamic balance calibration, the spindle vibration is minimized during high speed running. This also results in high machining accuracy.

What is a Box Way Vertical Machining Center?

The box way series machining center is often recognized as heavy-duty cutting with more rigidity. It provides more stability and fewer vibrations when compared to the linear way series. The rigidity and vibration damping capacity can in turn produce higher precision workpieces depending on the material and size of the parts. Box type vertical machining centers are great for machinists who require high accuracy parts and uses larger cutting tools and deals with tough-to-machine materials such as steel, titanium, and superalloy.


Heavy cutting capacity in an econimical package
X / Y / Z: 800 / 500 / 550 mm



High Quality and Feature Integrated
X / Y / Z: 1100 / 660 / 560 mm



Perfectly Suited for Heavy and Precision Cutting
X / Y / Z: 1300 / 700 / 650 mm



Heavy Cutting Capacity!
X / Y / Z: 1500 / 800 / 700 mm



Power, Capacity Make Heavy Cutting Easier
X / Y / Z: 1600 / 900 / 650~680 mm



Durability ! Heavy Cutting Easier!
X / Y / Z: 1800 / 900 / 650~680 mm


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