Bed Mill

Heavy cutting ability and affordable price

Best choice for high efficiency, high speed cutting and precision machining

  • High quality, high efficiency and super stability
  • Solid, stable with high capacity meet your requirement
  • High rigidity and high accuracy upgrade the efficiency of heavy cutting



  • High quality and rigidity Meehanite casting with enforce rib construction design. Also with annealed and stress relieved for long term reliability.
  • High grade Turcite-B fitted to XYZ slide way. Heavy duty box way provides maximum rigidity and stability.
  • Installation Z axis counter balance system to ensure Z axis movement stability and accuracy.
  • Large saddle size has high loading and stability to show the efficiency of large workpiece and heavy cutting.


  • Armless 16 ATC is only available for H model.
  • Auto centralized lubrication system gives proper pressure of oil feeding and discharge.
  • 100% laser tested for positioning accuracy and repeatability.
  • 100% ball bar tested to ensure machining accuracy.


  • C5 double nut precision ball screws hardened and ground for high accuracy and long lasting.
  • P4 angular contact spindle bearing limits the temperature variations even for long period of high speed cutting.


Travel X/Y/Z:28.74"/15.74"/19.68"
Spindle Motor: 2.2 kW (3HP)



Travel X/Y/Z:28.74"/15.74"/19.68"
Spindle Motor: 3.7 kW (5HP)


A2-5T / A3-5T

Travel X/Y/Z:33.8"/19.6"/24"
Spindle Motor: 3.7 kW (5HP)


A2-5H / A2-7H / A2-10H

Travel X/Y/Z:33.8"/19.6"/25.1"
Spindle Motor: 5.5 kW (7.5HP)



Travel X/Y/Z:39.9"/19.9"/19.6"
Spindle Motor: 10HP


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